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guide us to the end of time.

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break into the divine lorraine and let me take pictures of you topless on the roof

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The Boy in the Box

In this unsolved crime both victim and suspect are unsolved after 57 years. In February 25, 1957 a small child aged 4-6  was found beaten and naked in a cardboard box in dirty Nothern Philadelphia. He was malnourished but was clean, his toe nails were recently cleaned and clipped. He had been dead as little as 2 days up to 2 weeks, it was hard to tell since it was cold out. 

His footprints were compared with hospitals, they tried to figure out who purchased his blanket from JC Penny everything led to dead ends. He became known as “The Boy in the Box” or “Americas Unknown Child”.

Seeing that there was no hope in giving this poor baby an identity authorities eventually buried him in a field outside of Philadelphia. His grave reads “Heavenly Father, Bless this Unknown Child”.  His body was later exhumed in hopes to extract mitochondrial DNA from his teeth but the sample was too small. He was reburied in a donated coffin.
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Marie Piovesan,  Ben Toms, Vogue Russia. 
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